At Costa Olivo, we take garden and landscaping design to a new level through the use of artificial intelligence (AI). Our unique approach combines technical expertise with innovation, allowing us to envision and plan green spaces that not only beautify but also harmoniously integrate with their surroundings.


  • Detailed analysis: We visit your space to evaluate its current state, potential and needs.
  • Creative Proposal with AI: We use AI tools to present design options, plants, materials and textures, offering a clear vision of how the space could be transformed.
  • Expert Implementation: Based on your selection, our team brings the design to life, from conceptualization to final realization. We take care of every detail, ensuring that the final result exceeds your expectations.


Our commitment is to offer complete and personalized solutions. Whether you are looking to completely renovate your garden or simply want to add specific elements such as external stairs, fountains or terrain adjustments, Costa Olivo has the capacity and experience to realize your vision.

Your Partner in Creation of Green Spaces

At Costa Olivo, each project is an opportunity to demonstrate our passion for transforming outdoor spaces into places of beauty and tranquility. With AI technology as our ally, we guarantee designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also sustainable and in harmony with nature.

At Costa Olivo, our enthusiasm and knowledge in gardening and landscaping drive us to offer effective and visually impressive solutions for each project.

We adopt advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence, to design gardens that are true works of living art. Each space is a sample of our ability to merge nature and technology.

Our sustainable approach to each project underscores our commitment to protecting and enriching the environment. We promote eco-friendly practices that respect and enhance local biodiversity.

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